Mission Statement

The mission of the Liberty Grove Historical Society is to collect, research, and preserve objects and archival materials that reflect the Liberty Grove history; to pass on from person to person the history of its people and to plan the documentation and preservation of historic buildings and sites. Oral interviews of long-time residents are being done on an ongoing basis and have gleaned information that would have otherwise been lost to future generations. Our purpose is to educate residents and visitors as to how this area developed into what it is today and to learn about the hard-working people who made it happen.

About the LGHS

We are your starting place for exploring the people, places, and events that have shaped Ellison Bay, Gills Rock, and the surrounding area’s past. The unincorporated communities of Appleport, Ellison Bay, Gills Rock, North Bay, Northport, Newport, Rowley’s Bay and the incorporated community of Sister Bay before 1912 are in the Town of Liberty Grove.

The Liberty Grove Historical Society, founded in 2000, is located south of Ellison Bay. We have preserved one of Northern Door County’s most beautiful spots. Our grand property overlooks the waters of Ellison Bay. We have the great honor of partnering with the Door County Land Trust and the Town of Liberty Grove to preserve the ‘Grand View’ in Ellison Bay. Our property provides the entrance and parking to a beautiful scenic overlook and the Grandview Town Park. LGHS is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Distances to LGHS

From many cities we are a one day drive or less. Come north of 45 degrees for a cooler summer.

Green Bay: 80 miles, 1.5 hr. Milwaukee: 191 miles, 3.1 hr. Madison: 220 miles, 3.9 hr. Chicago: 281 miles, 4.5 hr. Minneapolis: 360 miles, 5.8 hr. Cedar Rapids: 388 miles, 6.5 hr. Des Moines: 516 miles, 8.3 hr. St. Louis: 562 miles, 8.7 hr.

Mileage is average, checked by AAA TripTik (C) and Google Maps (C) below. The map is active for you to check your mileage from your town to the Liberty Grove Historical Society on laptops or pads or mobile phones. Mobile Phone users go to: https://maps.google.com/ to use map features for mileage estimates.

Closest commercial airport is Green Bay, WI, Austin Straubel (GRB KGRB) Closest airport for private aircraft is Ephraim-Fish Creek (3D2).

Board of Directors and Officers

Board Officers

Stefanie Burke, President

Cheryl Culver, Vice President

Dave Westen, Secretary

Barb Dziekan, Treasurer

Members of the Board

Dave Westen, Membership and Site Manager
Nancy Kurtz, Museum Curator
Vonnie Callsen
Cheryl Culver Publicity, and Website
Jan Newport, Publicity, Social Media, and Newsletter Editor


Fish Boil Fundraiser
Antique Tractor and Arts Festival
Military Circle of Honor, First Responders, and Heritage Walkway
Museum and Artifacts
Maintenance of Museum Grounds
Vintage Markets
Webpage and Facebook Maintenance